So, this is the part that has delayed the launch of my website by months: the dreaded introductory speech. Talking about myself is hard, and makes me feel like a pretentious moron.

As per usual I’m struggling for anything spectacular to say (but this is me giving it a go)

I spent the first 10 years of my adult life in Scotland. It’s had a huge impact on me, especially my fondness of elaborate swearing, and a lovely exotic drink called Irn Bru. It’s purely made out of chemicals and bloody fantastic.

My gorgeous wee girl Joline is my favourite person in the world. She’s five now and is the coolest human being I have ever met. You’ll find us backpacking somewhere in the world most January’s and we always bring cameras. So check out where we might be at our travel insta and hit us up for a shoot if you’re out there. We’d love to meet you!

Outside of my constant dedication to photographic excellence, I fancy myself a bit of a long distance runner, but fear I’ve never quite attained the required dedication. Long runs in the forest however are just the thing. Perfect for a restless mind. I am also a firm believer that champagne is the perfect drink for any mornings, lunches, dinners or just on its own.

Good light inspires me to childlike euphoria – as well as doing wonders for my creative swearing!