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I can’t say I have any real favourite scenarios for weddings. Anything goes as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care if your dress is handstiched by grandma or bought into most exclusive designer shop imaginable. I’m a sucker for light. And raw emotion.

But this thing of where and why never ceased to fascinate. When Nathalia first contacted me it there was many wee anecdotes that stuck with me. She told me how she some years back worked in a stupidly over priced hipster boutique in Perth. And how the strapping young gentleman Brett used to stick his head in for a chat. He even went as far as buying an excessively over priced flowery shirt.. Just to get the chance to hang out a bit more.

It turned out to be a sound investment.

A few years later they tied the knot. At Nathalia’s parental home – an old rectory in rural Sweden.

This wedding is a big favourite of my career. Because everyone was there. Like really there. In the moment, and it was a beautiful thing to be part of.

The slightly intoxicated and ever so friendly Aussies helped as well in fairness.

Anyway. Nathalia and Brett. You’re truly beautiful people. From the inside and out. And you shone in every sense of the word. I just wish I had a chance to see the now notorious flowery shirt.

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