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I love a Scottish wedding! In fact, I love Scotland to bits, and going back there is my all time favourite pastime. I have such a soft spot for the earthy banter over peaty single malts (drunk by the quarter gill), as well as the Scot’s complete lack of pretension. 

I also have a  thing for the weather. 

Scotland takes pride in it’s ability to experience all four seasons in a single day, (on occasion in a single hour), and this wedding from early May certainly lived up to that boast. The early morning start driving from Edinburgh through the snow covered Pentland Hills was halted twice by an impossibly aggressive hailstorm on the road to Innerleithen. Yet, by the time I arrived at Sarah-Jane’s wee lodge at Cringletie House the sun was out. And then it rained. All in all a perfect Scottish day. 

Sarah-Jane and Camus’ rustic countryside wedding, to me, is Scotland in a nutshell. Hail, storms, hip flasks of single malt, heartfelt speeches, a great old Ceilidh, and the whole thing done in a teepee. 

I was also extra impressed with Sarah-Jane’s completely carefree attitude towards her (presumably quite expensive) Justin Alexander wedding gown. She simply popped on a pair of welly boots and partied like there was no tomorrow. 

Too good to be true. Really. 

View of the Pentlands, Scotland

Spring in the Scottish Borders

traquair house Scotland

Wedding dress by Justin Alexander

wedding preparations at Cringletie House Hotel

Bridal party getting dressed

Bridal preparations in the Scottish Borders

traquair church innerleithen

grooms party at traquair church innerleithen

catholic ceremony at traquair kirk innerleithen

giggles during vows at traquair Kirk innerleithen

Confetti rain at traquair Kirk innerleithen

congratulations at traquair kirk innerleithen

bridal car country style

wedding in innerleithen scottish borders

wedding dress full of dirt and hunter welly boots

rustic wedding scenes in Scotland

wedding party at traquir house scotland

papakata teepee wedding

teepee wedding decorations

wedding speech in teepee

teepee wedding atmosphere

tears at wedding speech

wedding in teepee scotland

spring wedding in scotland

spring feeling wedding photo

wedding in scotland

wedding cake I love cake

First dance teepee wedding innerleithen

Ceilidh at scottish wedding

the dashing white sergeant

wedding dance at rustic wedding, Scotland

night scene at teepee wedding scotland

  • I just love the way you capture so much atmosphere when you tell a story. Not just the details but the whole setting. I’ve not seen better. Excellent work!

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