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I’ve been lagging a ton with blogging, portfolio updates and all other things marketing. Something an affirmation thirsty creative should love the most right? I’ve not wanted to though. In fact – the last time I posted a blog post post was in November 2017. And this is why:

It is Google’s fault.

Yes man! Google is to blame. All these complicated rules about SEO tags, number of words, significance of words, repeats of headlines in the correct paragraphs have completely killed my buzz. I no longer know what story I want to tell . Processing my images through story board and giving them unique and easily googled description is about as sexy and interesting as cuing at the supermarket. I am in full understanding that this is the way the game has to be played – because the hand is dealt by Google. What Google decides goes. Amen!

I’m feeling a little rebellious right now. Not rebellious to the point of sticking it to the man –  all my images in this post has tags exactly the way they should – it takes a lot of guts to be a true rebel. I guess I’m not.

I am however gonna stop trying to please Google to the point of loosing any will to write anything remotely interesting again. Because all the SEO rules makes me forget why I’m in the photography business in the first place. And why I wanna shoot, work and play. So if I ignore rules about transition words, headline repeats, passive sentences (wtf?) maybe I can come up with something that somebody on this planet actually wants to read about?

And blogging wrong is probably better than not blogging at all. From a marketing point of view I mean.

This series was shot because I wanted to shoot a freckled girl with a freckled dog in a freckled forrest. That is the obvious part.

The less obvious part is the girl being the daughter of 2 dear friends and she has been struggling with her looks for some time. Probably a common thing amongst 9-year old girls wanting to look identical to their peers.

I felt like I wanted Freya-Lo to feel seen and respected. I never treat children like anything different from me or any other adult – nor do I change my tone of voice or the way I speak. I think that helps a lot with the process. Freya-Lo started out really nervous and seeing the transformation in her as her confidence grew was pretty amazing.

Also, her mother called me after to thank me for returning a bubbly child full of confidence and self worth after. That made me realise that whatever the images would have turned into was of absolutely no importance in the end of the day. It turned into something  bigger, which is really cool. 

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