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Since I haven’t featured all my weddings from 2013 yet I feel it’s better to post an old time favourite rather than a a best 2013 of kinda of post. This – an ancient ritual shot in Stockholm a couple of years ago. Tea time. I love rituals. And black and white photography. So it’s a sort of match I guess. Happy new year.

TeaTime-LL TeaTime0002 TeaTime0003 TeaTime0004 TeaTime-LL TeaTime0006 TeaTime0006b TeaTime0007 TeaTime0008 TeaTime0009 TeaTime0009b TeaTime0010 TeaTime0011 TeaTime0012 TeaTime0013 TeaTime0014 TeaTime0015 TeaTime0016 TeaTime0016b TeaTime0017

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