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I took the picture of the Thai script in the spur of the moment. I had no idea what it meant at the time but it looked pretty enough for a picture. I had it translated and it turns out it means something along the lines of ”The road ahead is long ad winding”.

It fits for so many reasons. And for most people I gather.

I’m on a journey. Literally and symbolically with the literal part being me writing this on a beach in Thailand in the company of my daughter Joline chasing a cat back and forth on the beach and some surprisingly good coffee.

On a more symbolic note I’m in Thailand because I just sold my photo studio in Sweden. I bought it 3.5 years ago because I’ve just had Joline and I thought it would be an adult thing to do. I was longing for regular work hours, more steadiness on the income front, less time spent on the road. More family time.

It kinda worked out the other way around. The studio was in a pretty bad nick and in order to turn things around I need to commit a crazy amount of energy and work hours into it. I also realised I didn’t want to stop my freelance work, nor the weddings. I loved it too much to quit.

So I doubled up my workload. And I was consumed by guilt. Cause no matter how much I stretched myself I wasn’t able to give any of it my full attention. Parenting, Studio and freelancee work. I became a slave under my own ambition. It wasn’t a very nice place to be. Sure. My work paid off. I was turning the studio around. Making it my own.

But did it make me happy?

It has been a relevant question these past couple of years. And eventually I had to stay true to my self and make a choice. It was an easy one in the end. I am now studio free and fully committed to play half of my time awake. No one will be happy because I work myself to death.

The Thai writing also fits because the lovely fashion designer Nicki and gorgeous Julian decided to sell up their home in Bristol and hit the road. I’m guessing they asked themselves similar questions.

I hope we’ll meet again.















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