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So this first experience as a wedding photographer in India was to say the least dramatic. The evening rituals had more of everything comparing to the more quiet day ceremoni. My strongest memory from it all was the relentless nearly trance like drums accompanied by som kind of obscure horn instrument. All mixed up with the sound from the shells people blew in at different stages of the proceedings. It was a mayhem of chanting and fire. And glamour. The thread Mala’s evening sari was made of was made of pure gold. Apparently she’s had it polished a couple of times in preparations of the wedding. A polished wedding gown made of gold. It must have weighed over 10kg. Fancy one myself. Just need to find handsome Indian prince first…

Anyway. this was a once in a life time experience which I will be forever grateful for. Some days my job is better than others.

View of Calcutta

Grroms wedding gown, India

wedding photographer calcutta

Kolkata wedding

bride getting ready, India

Indian Bride

Wedding party, India

Bengali wedding band

inidan wedding

Kvinnor i Sari

Street children, wedding parade, India

Fireworks wedding

wedding India

Groom Calcutta

Wedding Rituals India

Indian Bride

wedding rituals india

Father of the bride

wedding ceremony India

wedding rituals india

wedding ceremony India

wedding india

wedding photographer India

Bengali bride

Indian Dancer

Indian wedding dance

Indian dance

indian wedding

wedding photographer India

Indian wedding party

  • You work is amazing. I feel a punch in the stomach looking at this. You are up there with the best, Lena. Know that!

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