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I shoot weddings because it is the most honest transaction I can think of. Let me explain.

I started out as a photographer in Scotland, as a photojournalist, because I wanted my work to make a difference, and explore my curiosity with humanity. Press work seemed the obvious choice.
Little did I know the reality of photo calls orchestrated by PR companies, and pandering to the endless stream of press releases. It was a painful awakening. The majority of stories I covered were pre-ordered and pre-packaged by my editor. There was no room for creativity or exploration, and it all needed to be done yesterday. There’s nothing wrong with press work, and I still miss the fast pace, and amazing, hard working people I met there. It just all lacked any depth (and often integrity). For me at least.

So I continued searching.

I tried working in PR, Commercial, and Editorial photography, some of which is nice, and I still do a fair bit for commercial clients. But there are always a lot of mouths to feed; the art director, project manager, and usually several clients with differing opinions at the beginning and end of the chain.

And I also wanted to tell a story.

So weddings became my ultimate choice. Because your reading of this text probably means you already like my work. And if we meet for a coffee, or over Skype, we’ll know if we click. It can be that simple.

No other person in the world decides on our creative companionship and the sky is the limit to what we can do.

It’s honest, because it’s just us.