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Hon är så galet söt att hon får en egen bloggpost. Sveriges mest bedårande brudnäbb är därmed korad. Dör sötdöden varje gång jag tittar på henne.

Det är så fint med barn på bröllop. De blir liksom tagna av stunden. Finklädda, välkammade och inte alltför sällan med ett superviktigt hedersuppdrag, som i det här fallet – brudnäbb och blomsterflicka. Vad finns det inte att tycka om?




    1. Parece que peixes hai moitos e que non se esgotarán nunca, pero xa podemos ver uqe non é así. Un exemplo claro é o do atún roxo, que está cada vez máis extinguido!

    2. the only thing i would change would be to incorporate some turquoise into the graphic. possible in the place of the white stripes of the flag or one of the white stripes. messing w/our colors people will really notice. red white blue and turquoise. or red turquoise white and blue

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    4. Je kunt het beter aan Google Places vertellen, veel grotere gebruikersaantallen. Immers, de rating – bij Google kun je dus wel sterren geven – komen automatisch in de zoekresultaten naar voren. O ja, meer dan 96% van de Nederlanders gebruikt Google als zoekmachine…

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    6. Rachel pisze:Yii… Cudownie! Bardzo spodobaÅ‚a mi siÄ™ notka, jestem naprawdÄ™ pod ogromnym wrażeniem. Ale za krótko.. XD Oj, ty jesteÅ› gÅ‚upia Rachel. Ciesz siÄ™, że miaÅ‚aÅ› co czytać… Na czym to ja… A… Wiem. Pisz news! XD

    7. Fantastisk! Jeg havde helt glemt Malle, men nu kan jeg huske den igen, takket være dig! Jeg tror altså ikke, at den endte lykkeligt. Malle døde bare og så voksede der græs, hvor den var død. Tror jeg.Må lige se om jeg kan finde den på biblo næste gang Tak for reminderen Gitte K

    8. My father made us watch Elvis movies when we were little. Now that I help take care of him, I see all the little things that one misses in a movie that is under- appreciated. Thank goodness my Dad forces us to watch old films.

    9. The Absent Game…Amongst me and my husband we’ve owned much more MP3 players over the years than I can count, like Sansas, iRivers, iPods (traditional & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few decades I’ve settled down to one line of gamers….

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    11. Chaque papillon pesant moins d’1 gramme, pour arriver à faire plier les branches t’imagines le nombre de papillons!Je ne sais pas s’ils repartent tous ensemble ou par plus petits groupes. En revanche il y en a qui se perdent car en novembre et en mars-avril j’en ai vu dans mon jardin!

    12. I’m really mad that no one has picked up on the hypocrisy of griping at us about something that was corrected 30 years ago, when the real racists of the US are members of so-called “Christian relgions.”This is one reason why I’m not bothered when people say we’re not christian. I don’t think being lumped into them is a good thing. When we attempt to present ourselves as theologically safe to christians, we also end up being lumped into their politics. In fact, that might be an effective PR campaign for the Church:“We believe in Jesus Christ, but we’re not christian!”

    13. ti fossi fermato alla parola “ricca” forse il tuo intervento sarebbe stato + credibile. con tutto il rispetto, davvero.però sarei curioso di vederlo in azione con un contraddittorio, con un dialogo da persone umane.vero è che a tetris persino facci ne è uscito bene, quindi perchè no ai miracoli

    14. naturally like your web-site however you need to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth however I’ll surely come back again.

    15. Låter inte så bra detta ;osv: Barnfilmer e ju skit roliga!! haha tack fast det var ingen särskilt lång skoldag..Tycker jag du ska göra, snart så ska jag nog färga mitt hår rött =)

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    18. Congratulations Katie with your first year at Gangplank. You have done a marvelous job. Glad to see your setting new heights for you to accomplish. I can’t wait to see your second year blog post ;).

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    23. Ok, thought it was Quebec..only when I googled it did I realise that is a province!! So certainly dumber! Though I was never the smartest cookie in the tin at school, thought I would get by – until I came across primary school homework – doh!

    24. I remember the moment I decided to turn my jewelry hobby into a business and I wouldn’t change a thing. I an excited to be a part of a project that will support and inspire small creative businesses like mine.

    25. If this man is really dying, of course the decision was right to release him. What has clouded the issue is the lying, scheming and mutterings behind closed doors over two years and the pathetic efforts to cover tracks. The evil thing here is the possible use of compassion in order to secure profit.So much for New Labour’s promise of transparency in 1997.Which of the two looks the most disreputable above, Brown, or Gaddaffi? Is it possible for honest people to rise to the top in politics?

    26. Well First Off You Need To Stop Talking Like This With Caps With Each First Letter In A Word Or They Will Make Fun Of You And Make Sure You Do Not Get A Job

    27. Thank you, at least someone gets it on this site.To be fair I have to thank you for the Border House. It’s so much better than those “news” sites and their cat-calling, sexist commentors.

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    29. ¿Por qué en los relatos de ciencia ficción que escribís, siempre los personajes son de ascendencia anglosajona? ¿No se puede crear ciencia ficción que pase en el mundo hispanoparlante?Un saludo

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    32. Kvitveis er barndomsminne for meg..Leite pÃ¥ hemmelege plassar sÃ¥ snart snøen forsvant… Mimre, mimre..Ute lavar snøen ned, blad og markar er kvite..Og eldsteguten skifta til sommardekk i gÃ¥r, fordi vi var redd for bot..Kjem vel betre dagar…God veke!

    33. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

    34. Hi Kirsty, why when I want to invite people to like my page only a select few of my friends from build an audience section can be selected. How do I get to the ones that can’t be ticked? Any help most grateful

    35. As soon as I stop working 16 hour days, write my master’s thesis and finish off the other three websites I am getting paid for, I will get right on it.I barely have time to post (sparsely)!

    36. Were there photos recorded of your wasabi intake?Will definitely have to try this place out – Miss Two will love the concept of pressing buttons and food appears!

    37. That’s how I feel about our two dogs, but we went with a semi gloss pain instead of flat which is easily wipeable with a wet cloth. I am starting to fall in love with rustic green and blue also!! Those won’t dirty as easily.

    38. Dear Wanda,What kind words. Thank you. I really like sharing information to help others.EVI,How are you??? I don't go visiting as often to other blogs. Hope you and your family are doing well – all things considered.

    39. for me she is blog less and has shared lots of her crafty things on C.R.A.F.T… (tie dye nails, DIY wedding, ice painting to name a few). Me and 4 other ladies worked together to bring Annie and baby a fancy

    40. Mary, that is a divine recipe. I have fresh blueberries in the fridge as I type, and I might just have to try this one. It sounds so good.I love ice box pies. My grandmother used to make lemon ones a lot. I don't know that I've tried a blueberry one, but your recipe is so good I think I will! Wishing Bob a very Happy Birthday!Happy Blue Monday…XO,Sheila 🙂

    41. Le 30/08/2009 à 23h39 D’habitude j’apprécie la redoute, mais sur ce coup là, je trouve qu’ils se sont plantés..Déjà c’est sur, aussi long c’est importable, même si l’idée en soit peut ne pas être mauvaise. Mais surtout, le problème c’est que c’est moche! et perso c’est le modèle blanc qui choque le plus mon sens esthétique..Au moins bleu nuit, ça fait second degré! Non, vraiment c’est laid, alors qu’avant, j’aimais bien la sélection autour du couple Lavoine..

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